3 in 1 Knife Sharpener -ESSENTIALS Collection

Keep your knives SHARP with the Berghoff 3 in 1 Sharpener Essentials

A 3 stage sharpener that will give perfect results every time – prepares, sharpens then hones in three simple steps.


Product Details

Having the right tools for the right job is essential for a simple and rewarding cooking experience. Whether you’re starting a new kitchen from scratch or looking to replace some of your old kitchen basics, there are certain items you just can’t do without.

*The first stage has a diamond surface to prepare the knife before sharpening.
*The second slot restores the cutting edge into a V-shape.
*The final stage polishes the blade and removes irregularities.
*With non-slip base that allows you to sharpen safely while sharpener rest on worktop
*Length 20.5 cm
*Easy to hold ergonomic handle
*2 year Warranty