BBQ Carving Knife -ESSENTIALS Collection

Cutting, chopping, trimming or slicing, this ultra-sharp knife does it all! Keep the knife around during your next barbecue party and enjoy the ease with which the high-quality stainless steel blade with satin finish tackles even the most difficult ingredients. The long handle ensures extra safety when handling hot food and is covered in crack-resistant wood to provide you with a safe and comfortable grip as well as give the knife that authentic, natural character.


Product Details

Cooking with our Essentials collection, is relaxed cooking. It’s knowing that you’ve got your kitchen basics at your fingertips whenever you need them. Whether you’re whipping up a batch of comfort food for your family or a complete gourmet dinner to impress your guests, Essentials allows you to enjoy preparing the meal just as much as eating it.

*Stainless Steel and crack resistant wooden handle
*Handwash recommended