BBQ Tongs -ESSENTIALS Collection

Whether it’s to lift food onto or from the grill or to flip it while it’s cooking, these barbecue tongs are the perfect tool to get a good grip on a wide variety of foods. Bread rolls, ribs, sausages, veggies, whatever you’ve got on the menu, these tongs are ready for it with their sturdy stainless steel head and long handle that keeps your hands safely away from the grill.


Product Details

The trick is finding the best equipment for your daily cooking needs. You want a set of tools that not only helps you to create those delicious meals but is also fun to work with and becomes your trustworthy companion to kick butt in the kitchen!

Cooking with our Essentials collection, is relaxed cooking. It’s knowing that you’ve got your kitchen basics at your fingertips whenever you need them. Whether you’re whipping up a batch of comfort food for your family or a complete gourmet dinner to impress your guests, Essentials allows you to enjoy preparing the meal just as much as eating it.

*Stainless steel
*Handwash recommended