Cake Forks Pure Set of 12 -ESSENTIALS Collection

Fruit, pastries, cakes or appetizers, whatever you feel like, these cake forks are ideal for enjoying a delicious treat. Created in collaboration with award-winning designer Ralph Krämer, they immediately add an elegant touch to the table and feel well-balanced in your hand.


Product Details

“The secret of great design is in the balance between harmony and excitement.” states award-winning designer Ralph Krämer and he has made it his mission to make that claim come true. When designing cutlery, it’s important to him that touch and feel are spot-on stressing the harmony between the functional front piece and the handle.

In the end, good design uncovers great functionality: he wants to accomplish that just one look at his designs reveals the promise of comfortable and smooth usability. Long before sustainability was on everyone’s lips, his major objective is to design timeless pieces for long-time, everyday use.

*Stainless Steel with stylish High-gloss finish
*Handwash recommended