Whether you peel it or zest it, nothing is more invigorating than the smell of fresh citrus and with CitrusZipper™ you can do it all with one tool. CitrusZipper allows you to easily puncture and peel the skin away to reach the juicy deliciousness. The built-in zesters let you create different size zest for flavoring and garnishing your favorite dishes.

With the CitrusZipper you no longer need to use a fingernail for the peeling process, leaving you with a sticky mess on your hands. Simply use the peel cutter end to cut through the peel, and then use the peel lifter end to release the skin from the citrus. CitrusZipper has a built-in zester and channel knife so you can make multiple size pith free zest–perfect for putting the finishing touches on delectable sorbets, desserts, espressos, and cool summer drinks.


Product Details

From beginner cook to master chef, Fusionbrands designs tools to solve life’s everyday challenges relating to cooking, serving, entertaining, cleaning and organizing.

CitrusZipper is the must-have tool for those that love to eat or cook with oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes, tangerines and more. If you peel fruit to eat whole, put them in salads, or zest up pastries, frostings and dressings you’ll want to have a CitrusZipper in hand to release the wholesome freshness.

*18/8 Stainless Steel
*Available with Orange or Yellow silicone grip
*Dishwasher safe