Covered Saucepan Shadow 2L 18cm -LEO Collection

Stewing apples for a crumble, whisking up a delicious sauce or cooking rice for two, whatever you’ve got planned, this user-friendly saucepan is ready to do its part. It features an aluminium body that ensures a fast and even heat distribution on any kind of stovetop, including induction, and is equipped with a high-quality non-stick coating so you can cook with little to no oil.  The “cold grip system” ensures that even if you’re transferring a hot pan from stove to table, you’ll stay cool and safe. The glass lid allows you to monitor food safely and not remove the top releasing steam. Finally, it has a drain hole so you can effortlessly strain food.


Product Details

The feel good vibe fabricated by this line comes from the harmonious mix of dynamic colours, pure shapes and a technical ingenuity that all unite in straightforward multifunctional kitchen utensils. Easy to combine with the various BergHOFF product lines, the LEO designs are the perfect tools to create fun memories and spirited cooking experiences.

Leo Pots/saucepans : body : 3.5 / Induction Bottom : 3.8mm
*Usable on Induction, Vitroceramic, Gas, Electric and Halogen tops
*Aluminium base with  scratch resistant Fernogreen coating
*Dishwasher Safe