Make a clean break on eggshells with the CrackSpot. Don’t you hate fishing out small bits of eggshell from your raw egg when you’re just trying to start your morning. This little bowl-side easy eggshell cracker conveniently solves that problem.

Its flexible material and multi-rim interior design fits over a variety of edges on many bowl shapes and sizes. Whether the bowl is glass, plastic, stainless steel, or ceramic, the CrackSpot rests securely on the edge. The safe touch plastic “blade” not only limits shell fragments it allows you to eliminate messy unsanitary raw egg dripping down the side of bowls and landing on your countertop. The CrackSpot is made of high temperature silicone and rigid plastic which is completely dishwasher safe for an easy cleanup. So, if you’re cracking one raw egg, or a dozen, for baking and cooking, CrackSpot will have you cracking with ease.


Product Details

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*Fits on any bowl edge- plastic, glass, ceramic and metal
*Safe touch “Blade” designed to limit shell fragments
*Dishwasher Safe