Husky 100% Cotton Bathroom Rugs

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Most popular colours are white and natural (cream), favoured for use in the bathroom, but versatile enough to be used as a bedside rug, even for the front door or passage when the wider range of colour selection is considered.

“The great advantage of our Husky cotton rugs is that they are very hard wearing, are not lined with the commonly used rubbery/plastic backing and best of all, they are machine washable and can be tumble dried.”

Cotton is the most absorbent natural material and this makes our rugs especially good for use in bathrooms, also because when wet they resist slipping.

Husky Cotton Rugs are of the highest quality, are unique and unrivalled in the South African market.


Product Details

Husky Cotton Rugs are part of the Husky Design brand.

Machine tufted in 16mm cut-pile from pure cotton and hand-finished, these versatile cotton rugs are available in a selection of fashionable colours.

Manufactured in three standard sizes;
small - 500mm x 600mm,
medium - 1000mm x 600mm
large - 1500mm x  600mm.