Multifunctional Two-sided Cutting Board with Crumb Tray -RON Collection

Multi-functional two-sided cutting board with crumb tray. Bread, cakes, poultry, vegetables, whatever you need to cut, this multi functional cutting board is up for the job! Use the antibacterial bamboo side to cut bread or pastries and simply empty the removable crumb tray once you’re done. Then turn the cutting board over and slice your meat or poultry on the food-approved plastic surface. Talk about having your cake and eating it too!


Product Details

This series of cookware and kitchen utensils brings a pure simplicity to the kitchen that inspires our way of living. The natural materials, soothing colours and minimalist designs create a sense of calm that takes us back to the very heart of cooking. A sentiment you’ll easily pass on to your family and dinner guests when you use Ron to prepare a dish that reunites them all around the dinner table.

*Bamboo, food grade plastic and soft touch rubber
*Supplied pre-seasoned with vegetable oil.
*Dimensions: 2 x 36 x 30cm