Pasta Spoon Grey -LEO Collection

Slippery, aren’t they? Right after boiling those golden strands of delicious noodles, all you want to do is get them from pot to plate quickly. Now you can with the Grey Leo Nylon Pasta Spoon by BergHOFF. A non-stick coating or not, those pots or pans in your kitchen remain just as they are, even after a few brushes or more with the end of this pasta spoon: scratch free. Running along the length of the spoon is durable nylon that’s resistant to constant use; on the end, the handle has a PP soft grip that’s comfortable to hold and easy to grip as you scoop out as many spaghetti noodles and other pastas out of a pot or pan. Afterward, place the spoon right in the dishwasher for quick, easy cleaning or in the sink for some old-fashioned elbow grease. Storage is up to you: in a drawer, in a utensil crock, or even hanging up by the hole in the handle. So, avoid the hassle and the mess of having to move a serving of noodles here and there with the BergHOFF Grey Leo Nylon Pasta Spoon.


Product Details

A cook who likes to use Leo tools and accessories is someone who loves smart simplicity. This chef isn’t looking for frivolous gadgets but appreciates a simple visual appearance that surprises with smart functions. It’s cooking in a world where colour meets natural, high-quality materials and stylish designs go hand in hand with practical features.

*Nylon and Silicone
*Dishwasher Safe