In your garden, on your balcony, at the park or even on the beach, with this stylish table grill you can have an outdoor cookout whenever and wherever you want! Thanks to its compact design and convenient carrying strap, you can easily take it with you and enjoy a perfectly grilled steak or burger al fresco. The grill sets up in seconds with the multipurpose cork lid that also serves as a trivet and allows for an adjustable airflow so you can start grilling right away.


Product Details

Our collection of outdoor kitchen utensils and accessories is the best tool to get back to basics. It’s not just about smoking, cooking or grilling your meat to perfection, but also about relaxing, getting some fresh air and catching up with the people you love. Much more than just a way of cooking, a barbecue is the ideal combination of good food and good company.

Unique features

*Convenient carrying strap
*Multipurpose trivet + lid
*Compact design to grill in a variety of places
*Easy airflow regulation
*Award-winning design