Tagine Cover Stoneware -RON Collection

This tagine cover fits the 28 cm cast iron deep skillet from our Ron range. Turn the deep skillet into a tagine, perfect for real slow cooking and all traditional dishes. Traditional cone shaped lid, allowing the steam to re-condense into water droplets which fall back onto the ingredients for tender, moist results. Elegant design for stove top and oven to table use.


Product Details

This series of cookware and kitchen utensils brings a pure simplicity to the kitchen that inspires our way of living. The natural materials, soothing colours and minimalist designs create a sense of calm that takes us back to the very heart of cooking. A sentiment you’ll easily pass on to your family and dinner guests when you use Ron to prepare a dish that reunites them all around the dinner table.

*Oven safe
*Microwave safe
*Dishwasher safe