Tapas Board with Tray 2-sided -LEO Collection

This 3-piece set is perfect for serving tapas, antipasti, cold meats, cheeses, bread, .. which can all be cut directly on the bamboo board. The small bowl is just the right size for butter, herb-infused oils, sauces or dips. Need more serving space? Simply lift the bamboo board from the tray to double the space for your tasty delights!


Product Details

Fresh, fun and functional is the best way to describe this collection that instantly adds a trendy touch to the kitchen. With a selection of refreshing kitchenware and tools, it aims to inspire new cooking adventures and encourage cooks to put their cooking skills to the test. Thanks to the array of accessible designs, Leo makes it easy to enjoy yourself in the kitchen.

*Bamboo and Bamboo Fibre
*Handwash recommended